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mcgregor_ewan: Fantastic morning with @catfishandthebottlemen! Great times with the legendary Jimmy at #trashandvaudeville

mcgregor_ewan: I and Van. @catfishandthebottlemen hope Brooklyn was amazing tonight. Good luck on the rest of your US tour!

Asker theonyxhotel Asks:
Oh btw, can you post your icon/avatar picture in HQ? :D
daily-ewan daily-ewan Said:


This is the highest res I have. Hope it’ll do?

Asker theonyxhotel Asks:
I love this blog! Ewan is one of my favorite actors, he's amazing! What's your very very favorite film of him? XO
daily-ewan daily-ewan Said:

Ohhhh… Difficult question. I guess it depends on my mood as much as anything, but it’s probably between Velvet Goldmine, Perfect Sense and The Island (because dammit, I love the gorgeous visuals of that film!).

On the flip side, I think there’s only one of his films that I really dislike and that is Haywire. Thankfully, he’s not in it very much, so it’s not a great loss to avoid it.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Thank you for Curt Wild! I loooooooooooooooooooooooooove thing blog *Faints*
daily-ewan daily-ewan Said:

You’re very welcome. There might be more to come in the future, so watch this space. ;-)